Friday, August 8, 2008

getting close: one week to go!

So I told myself that I was going to go to bed early tonight.... or at least I was going to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for a good 3 hours and then go to bed, but neither of these scenarios transpired. Instead, I spent about 2.5 hours looking at all sorts of things.. a few of which were related to my trip..

First, I spent about 45 minutes on Google maps because I got the address of my apartment in Firenze. It is Via dei Banchi, 6, 50123. Below is a satellite view. If you zoom in, you will see that my apartment is only 2 blocks away from the Duomo! And I am close to the train station, the Ponte Vecchio, and the Boboli Gardens (which are supposed to be amazing). 

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Second, I was checking out hotels and hostels for both Roma and Firenze ("sidebar"--I have decided to name all of the Italian cities in their Italian names for the purpose of this blog). Valerie and I are going to be arriving a day before her program starts, which means she doesn't have housing until the following day. I was also thinking of getting to Firenze a day early because I have to meet someone at my apartment at 11:30AM to get my key, and it doesn't really sound appealing to take the train from Roma to Firenze at 8AM. 

Third, I was on my assorted "daily" sites such as Facebook, lolcatz, and Perez Hilton for a good long while.. not. very. stimulating.

In other news, I began to pack today and it actually wasn't as traumatizing as I thought it would be. I am bringing 2 normal-sized suitcases, 1 duffel, and a backpack. I found these compressor bags called "Space Bags" that you pack, zip, and push all the air out and they work much much better than I thought the would and they have made a lot of extra space. I had to laugh at myself, because I am a dork and I labeled each bag with what is inside. Honestly though, once you shove 4 black pieces of clothing in one bag, you don't know wtf is in there, so labeling it totally made sense. It was just very "Monica"/OCD of me to do it. 

Anyway, time for Harry & bed.


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