Wednesday, August 13, 2008

leaving for LA tomorrow!

Wow... it's finally here! I am leaving for LA tomorrow afternoon and I am excited to see all my LA-area friends, some of whom I haven't seen since May! 

I am continuing to pack all my stuff. Finishing up today involves doing a bunch of laundry and then realizing that nothing more will fit. Yikes! Well as Tim Gunn (woo! PR is on tonight) says, I'll have to "make it work!" 

In other exciting news, I was finally able to pinpoint where exactly my family was from in Italy. I knew we were from Genova (Genoa), but I found that my great great grandparents were born in a village about 30 miles away called Terrarossa. These are parents of my father's mother's father (confusing?). Anyway, I thought that was cool. We don't know where exactly in Italy the blood-related family on my mom's side is from because she was adopted. I forget where my grandpa's family (not blood-related) is from in Italy... I'll have to call him and find out. Anyway, here's a map of Genova and Terrarossa... hopefully I can visit!

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I finally bought travel books, since I couldn't commit to one before. I ended up getting Florence Lonely Planet and Florence & Tuscany DK Travel Guide. I started to read them, but it's very overwhelming! I also bought a book to read on the plane called Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach. It has a pretty cover and it's about a woman who travels to Paris, Oxford, and Milan... very relevant to me! I hope it's good. That's pretty much the only book I am bringing right now, besides the 1st and 3rd Harry books which I am bringing in case I have a panic attack on my flight to Roma. Maybe I'll find some books at the airport... but I really need to get a book of crossword puzzles at Kepler's tonight. 

Well time for more laundry/packing! Let's see if I can fit everything or if i have to repack my entire wardrobe...


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