Thursday, August 28, 2008

arrivederci roma!

Sadly, I am leaving Roma tomorrow morning, but happily, I am going to Firenze (plus, I will definitely be back to Roma a few times in the next 4 months). I am really excited to get to Firenze and finally unpack!!! 

Yesterday, Valerie, two of her roommates, and I went to the Vatican museums and saw the Sistine Chapel. Then they had to go to class and I got to tour St. Peter's Basilica. Not only that, I took a tour of the cupola (dome) and was able to get a birds-eye view of Roma. However, this was after a near panic attack because the way to the top of the dome is not too kind to people with claustrophobia. I managed to survive and make it to the top... and it was well worth it!
Here is the view from the top!
An "illegal" picture of the Sistine Chapel. 
Gnocchi, pasta, e Coca Cola Light!
Roman ruins.

Anyway, I am leaving for Firenze tomorrow and Valerie is coming with me to help me with all my crap and because she wants to see Firenze. Plus, I helped move her in, so I'm grateful that she can do the same for me! 


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