Thursday, July 31, 2008

the beginning: two weeks to go!

Welcome to my new blog about my semester in Florence. I figured it would be good to start my blog before I left so that my journey can be documented from start to finish. A blog seems much easier (and more aesthetically pleasing) than sending 3984775 e-mails to different groups of people. Plus, this way I can post my favorite pictures, so those not on Facebook can check them out. Naturally, there will me some--well--editing of certain aspects of my adventures, so those of you who are in my special group of confidants may be getting supplemental material in their inboxes. ;)

In two weeks (Thursday, August 14), I will be getting ready to fly from SFO to LAX to spend a bit of time in Southern California to see a few people that I have missed dearly this summer. Then, on Monday, August 18, Valerie and I will be flying to Rome. Until then, I will be preparing for my trip, shopping, babysitting, stressing out, reading, talking about Twilight, having mental breakdowns, watching "Entourage," and hanging out in the Bay Area. So much to do!



Alex said...

YAY! i'm excited. this is extremely attractive - i am impressed. not that i wouldn't think you'd be able to figure out how to make your page pretty; i'm just impressed that blogger actually had such a pretty, non-retarded looking layout.
i hopefully "subscribed" to this.. i don't know if it worked bc nothing happened, but hopefully that means i'll get notifications.. if not i'll just have to check back religiously in order for me to live vicariously through you.
i wish there was a way to be "friends" or something, like on xanga.. but i guess they figure there's no point. maybe i'll just add something on the side of my page that has a link to yours & kristin's, when she makes one. weee

Alex said...

PS: why does it say on your profile that your zodiac year is the ox?!