Monday, August 25, 2008

roma: il buono ed il brutto

Things I like about Roma (il buono):

-water fountains everywhere that spout clean, cold water.
-walking everywhere.
-getting lost.
-espresso (un caffé, per favore!) and cappuccino.
-the bridges and churches and rooftop terraces. 
-HOBs (hella old buildings.. I'm talking like 2000 years-old). 
-naps after lunch.
-the Trevi Fountain.
-the Vatican at night.
-everything at night.

Things I don't like about Roma (il brutto):

-people who feed pigeons so they swarm.
-walking everywhere.
-getting lost.
-huge tour groups.
-mosquitos and their subsequent bites. 
-the fact that a lot of places are closed between 12 and 4pm every day and all day on Sundays. 


1 comment:

Chris said...

So did you make it out to Trestevere and the pizza place I told you about. You have notmentioned any appertifes either. The correct way to say Trevi Fountain is Fontana di Trevi, if you are in Italy you gotta get that right. And also the Spanish Steps : Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti. I em expecting an individual email to me !!! Ciao. Please call Andrea so you can set up something for the weekend, he is wondering where you are.