Thursday, July 31, 2008

the beginning: two weeks to go!

Welcome to my new blog about my semester in Florence. I figured it would be good to start my blog before I left so that my journey can be documented from start to finish. A blog seems much easier (and more aesthetically pleasing) than sending 3984775 e-mails to different groups of people. Plus, this way I can post my favorite pictures, so those not on Facebook can check them out. Naturally, there will me some--well--editing of certain aspects of my adventures, so those of you who are in my special group of confidants may be getting supplemental material in their inboxes. ;)

In two weeks (Thursday, August 14), I will be getting ready to fly from SFO to LAX to spend a bit of time in Southern California to see a few people that I have missed dearly this summer. Then, on Monday, August 18, Valerie and I will be flying to Rome. Until then, I will be preparing for my trip, shopping, babysitting, stressing out, reading, talking about Twilight, having mental breakdowns, watching "Entourage," and hanging out in the Bay Area. So much to do!